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Kontrakty-Audyt Audit Company
Auditing services all over Ukraine and taxation counseling

Kontrakty-Audyt Audit Company is pleased to offer you high quality auditing services. We provide the whole range of auditing services, taxation counseling, complex accounting record-keeping for your enterprise maintained by the centralized accounting department. Legal services also take up a prominent position among consulting services. Our experience on the market traces back to 1995. We provide services all over the territory of Ukraine. Expertize of our auditing firm employees is supported by degrees, certificates, and extensive experience in the area of audit and accounting.

We are offering consulting, accounting, and audit services of our Kontrakty-Audyt company. Use them in time.

  • If you expect an impending tax inspection, come to us. By means of conducting an audit of your firm, we will be able to lower the risks of you facing punitive penalties. Discouraging statistics affirms that next to every firm visited by controllers is charged with fines that by several times exceed the cost of audit. Moreover, in case of significant additional tax charges (434 500 hryvnyas and more), public officials can be held criminally liable;
  • We also provide subscriber-based services which include limitless taxation, accounting and legal counseling. For the average of 1200 hryvnyas (VAT included) you get constant access to a professional consultant who can advise you at once;
  • If you have faced problems with appealing any illegitimate action of contractors or supervisory agencies in court, our legal department is at your service;
  • Even if you have no one to maintain accounting, or if you feel your accounting experiences certain problems – entrust us with doing it for you.

Most importantly, call on us in time, and we will help you without fail!

Best regards, Andriy Yelisyeyev,
Managing Partner of Kontrakty-Audyt Audit Company (+38 050 317 31 60)
Tel. +38 (032) 294 96 61, 294 96 62, 294 96 63, 241 82 14, 241 83 14

Ukrainian (UA)Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)


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ЗАГАЛЬНИЙ ВІДДІЛ: audyt@audyt.lviv.ua
ТЕХПІДТРИМКА: zhemela@gmail.com
ДИРЕКЦІЯ: eliseev@audyt.lviv.ua
(032) 294-96-61 / 62 / 63
(032) 241-82-14
(032) 241-83-14
Адреса: Львів, вул. Зелена 109